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U2 Vinyl & posters

Hi all... U2 and R.E.M. were my favorite bands in the mid-1980s through the early-1990s. I still like their music, but I'm just not as passionate about them as I used to be. I'm in the process of packing up my life and moving overseas and I've come across a lot of U2 items I forgot I owned (as well as R.E.M.)... I have a collection of vinyl records (full length albums and a few singles) and a lot of posters from the same period. The vinyl is all in excellent condition, but the posters were hung on my walls for years so they have damage to the corners and maybe the back (double sided tape was pretty popular). If anyone is interested in the vinyl or posters (R.E.M. or U2 really) I have, please comment and I can give you further details.

Thanks for reading! and I'm sorry for trying to pawn off my stuff in a community, but I've tried the local used shops and they aren't really interested in vinyl anymore!



since there's been so much interest, i'm including the information behind the cut.

Here is a link to the vinyl I have (had it on ebay but was unsuccessful):

U2 vinyl:

and the Sun City album featuring Bono:

R.E.M. (didn't know if you were interested in this as well....)

And here is a listing of the posters (U2 posters 1, 3, 4, and 5 are already sold):
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