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I've decided to get my first tattoo on or near my 21st b-day. I'm so excited! I want it to be the little suitcase symbol with the heart inside off the first U2 album I discovered that made me fall in love with the band: All That You Can't Leave Behind. Inside the heart I want it to say "U2" since a lot of people don't know what the symbol is from and won't think it's just a random suitcase. lol I'll probably have the heart colored in red, as long as U2 is still visible inside it. And I was thinking it would be awesome to have the suitcase camouflage, because I fucking love camouflage and it also ties in with the band because of all their anti-war songs. That album helped me gain more confidence in high school, and I bought other U2 albums and was even more awed and inspired by their beautiful, poetic lyrics (not to mention sexy Bono and his awesome voice). Whenever I hear one of their songs, I instantly feel better. I have to get this tattoo. It's just :) I'm thinking about getting it on my lower back.

Do any of you have U2 tattoos? Explain what it looks like and why you got it, and feel free to post pictures!!!
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