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The song lyrics I am going to post (behind the cut) are from one of my very very favorite U2 songs.

I am interested in different interpretations of this song.


Here today, And gone tomorrow
Crack the bone, get to the marrow
To be the bee, And the flower
Before the sweetness turns to sour

What we have we're gonna keep...Always
What we've lost we don't need...Always
What is it that won't let you sleep...Always

Be the arrow, And the target
Put your head over the parapet
Be un cool, Yes be awkward
And don't look in the obvious place
The soul needs a beautiful soul mate(?)

Get down off your holy cloud...Always
God will not deal with the proud...Always
Well if you dream then dream out loud...Always
Eternally yours...Always

I want you
I want you
I want you

Touching the other side
I wanted to be in love
I wanted to call

You say come to know yourself...Always
Don't find yourself in someone else...Always
And always wear a safety belt...Always
Wait for me I'm running late...Always
This is the moment that we share...For always
Turn each song into a prayer...Always

Now and forever
For always
For always
For always
For always

Now, the reason I am so in love with this song is because I see it as a love song from U2 - to us - the fans. It gives me happy silly goose bumps when I hear it. It makes my chest cavity heave forth one wrack of stupid sob, just like a hallmark greeting card tv commercial - complete with one set of tears welling up in my eyeballs before I realize what a total and complete dork I am and compose myself. I *will* wait if they are running late!! I *will* wear my seat belt!!! I *won't* be gone tomorrow and they *can* crack the bone and get to the marrow -- cuz I am a true fan (part of the marrow) and I'll always be listening and letting their music soothe my soul.

Many folks probably think, "eh the song isn't deep or mysterious or whateverthefuckitisyouthinkitshouldbe" But I think the song rules.

Anyway, now that I've proved myself to be un cool and awkward, what do you think? Care to share? To dream out loud?

Edit: I forgot to mention..."This is the moment that we share...For Always -- Turn each song into a prayer...Always..." sounds like a U2 concert to me!!! =)
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