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U2: The Early Years

If you have never seen the U2: The Early Years sketch that appeared now TWELVE years ago on the short-lived Ben Stiller Show, you have missed one of the most hilarious send ups of Bono and the gang.

Comedy Central just got through broadcasting the episode which I haven't seen since it first aired, and I have to say it had me in tears once again. . .

Witness Bullet The Blue Sky turn into Haveh Nagila. . . Andy Dick as Clayton, and of course, One turn into a Lucky Charms commercial. This is one I am sure Bono has laughed his ass off at. . .

Though the visuals are everything, the transcript of the first portion is U2 - The Early Years

Ben Stiller- Bono
Dave Madden- Mr. Kinkaid
Jeff Kahn- The Edge
Andy Dick- Adam Clayton
Bob Odenkirk- Larry Mullen

It's Ben Stiller's Rocumentary: U2--The Early Years!

It was very difficult for us when we were starting out.
We had this horrible old manager who didn't understand us.

I loved those boys like they were my own sons. He came to me,
you know. Oh yeah.

Mr. Kinkaid used to drive us about in this ramshackle, old
multi-colored school bus, taking us from gig to gig. He was
talking about how we were gonna make it in the show business.

Oh, I was full of ideas back then.

He wanted to get a little girl to play tambourine with us
but we nixed that one.

With Bono, it was always about ... the message. So, I gave
him a message: If Joel Wasserstein doesn't have fun at his
bar mitzvah, you're not getting paid. Comprende?
Joel Wasserstein's Bar Mitzvah, Long Island, NY, 1980

Thank you! Well, I hope you're having a good time here at the
Joel's bar mitzvah. We're all real proud of him. Look at
him, the very vision of manhood. And how about Leo Krupnick,
who made that great gafilte fish sculpture, huh? Everyone
taste the fish sculpture -- it's great!

Alright Joel, get up here, come on up here.

Joel reluctantly gets up from his seat.
And I hope everyone's ready to dance the Hora and the Hokey
Pokey soon, I don't want to see anybody sitting. Alright, Joel.
Today Joel is a man!
Alright Edge, play the blues!
The Edge plays "Hava Negeliah" on his guitar while Bono grabs a handheld
spotlight and shines it all over Joel, a la the "blue sky" segment in
"Rattle & Hum."

Thank you, Joel!
I'll tell you something else. I'm sick and tired of what's
going on in Northern Ireland.

Okay, so it wasn't Carnegie Hall. But you gotta start somewhere.

Do yourself a favor if you haven't seen it and find a copy of The Ben Stiller Show DVD. It was just released this year. . .


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