woah hey (3sidedcircle) wrote in u2,
woah hey

just a little blurb...

this story might bore some of you but i still thought it would be good to post it.

i just came back from a trip to Mexico City. while i was there i saw my dad's family who i haven't seen in about 7 years. and as we were making small talk and what not they asked who my favorite band was and what kind of music i was into. and, of course, i answered U2. and this was my uncles response:
"oh those guys....yeah theyre great. with that Bono guy." *as he put his hands to his eyes and made a shape of glasses* "yeah with those glasses....hahaha. awesome guy. and he's such a generous and giving guy i hear."

i guess it's just good to know that Bono and his famous trademark are known all around the world.
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