hush dear....the night is always young (stdivine) wrote in u2,
hush dear....the night is always young

First U2 Concert.....

When was your first concert??

Where did it take place??

Which band/bands opened for the boys??

Your age at the time???

Which songs were you dying to hear???

Highlights of the show??(if you can remember them)

I thought it would cool to share the experience of seeing U2 for the first time since the boys are going on tour next year and there is going to be WHOLE LOTTA fans going to see them for the first time.

My Details:



Rage Against The Machine


Still, Streets, Disco, AIWIY, EBTTRT, MW and WOWY


*When Bono stared at ME for what seem like eternity but was just about 30 seconds, maybe, a girl can dream though right??
*The Boys entrance to the place, they pass right by where I was,
*Davey Jones scaring the crap out of Edge
*Seeing a whole lot of "Stars" in the audience when the lights when up
*Singing every damn word to every song and even making up some words
*Going to the concert with my older siblings

more later!!!
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