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Funny U2 Quotes.....

BP: Is Elvis alive or dead?
ADAM: Elvis is alive.
BP: Have you ever seen him?
ADAM: I see him every day.
BP: Is he in the band?
ADAM: He thinks he is.

Larry Mullen Jr: a man so handsome he will never sing lead for this band - Bono

Q: If the four of you were in a fight, I mean a truly tough brawl, which one of you would kick the other three's asses? (NME interview, 2001)

Larry: Bono
Adam: Bono
Edge: Bono
Bono: Me

"I just passed Adam, I said, Adam, you're 40, do you have anything to say? And he said, obscurely, How long do I have to sing this song?" - Bono, in the YahooChat, 12 March 2000

"Bass players get the weirdest fans. I tend to get the bespectacled M.I.T. students. Bono gets the poets. And Larry, unfortunately, gets the girls. We should have gotten a Ringo." (Edge, U2 at the End of the World, Bill Flanagan, 1995)

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