keskitalvi (keskitalvi) wrote in u2,

Bono's appearance and personality

Hi guys!

The thing is, I'm supposed to do an English essay (150-200 words) by Friday. The title is The person I admire so of course I am gonna write about Bono. We have to write a description about someone, and tell about the person's appearance and personality. My head is full of ideas, but thought it would be a good idea to ask fellow U2 fans for some new ideas. About Bono's different styles, hairstyles, personality..? Anything you can think of. 150-200 words is not much, so it's a bit difficult to tell all about him, and so now I'm just trying to find the most important things. I'm a Finn, there's not much U2 sites in Finnish, so I haven't read so much about his hairstyles for example.. I know it sounds kinda stupid to write about Bono's appearance and not the music, but it has to be a description.

So, Bono's appearance/styles/hairstyles/personality? Some tips is what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance if someone bothers to help me on this.

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