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Just thought I'd share because I'm bored...

...and procrastinating on going off to class. lol

Guess what was waiting for me inside my lovely mailbox this morning? My new U2 Pop cd I ordered off for only three freaking dollars! I needed it because my first Pop cd was scratched beyond all usefulness, and plus, I left it at home (I'm at college). I haven't been able to listen to "Playboy Mansion" or "Mofo" in about five months. It was quite depressing.

And this past Friday, I bought the Boy album on vinyl for only $5. Is that not sweet? I told my uncle in an email, and here's what he said:
Sounds like a lot of fun! I applaud you for still buying Bono's records regardless of his sexual tendancies. Maybe your dad has an old phongraph that you could "borrow".

My family always teases me for my U2 obsession. ;)

Anybody else having wonderful U2ey days? *beams*
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