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no feckin way!

its really funny.. these psychic tests.. ok, this ones a little easy to read, but i still answered honestly for myself. im still the edge! i actually do play guitar in a U2 cover band too... hehehhehe

The Edge

You're chill and you're often more on the practical side than others. If you're commited, you're a powerhouse. Your taste in hats is sometimes questionable. </td>

oh, something else cool.. i posted my story here before about getting on stage with U2 to play guitar.. well, i just found out something! my friend listened to the recording of the show i have (i still havent listened to it, i cant for some reason..) and he heard something my mom didnt hear when she was transcribing what he sang to me. when i first got up there, he didnt say "theres a girl here who wants to play guitar" like she thought. he says "this g.. my girl here wants to play guitar". my girl! my girl!!!! there was a weird thing that happened earlier in the night during new years day.. he looked down at me and did a double take then said something away from the mike and made a motion. i was utterly baffled by it. my friends around me were saying - he remembers you! and everyone who didnt know me was like - what was that? i just had no idea. thought there was no way he could remember the handshake and stare/gaze into my eyes from april outside a venue. he said "youre cool". dude - he called me cool for no reason! i also had met him at the airport a few days after than incident. but man, he sees so many people! well, im sure he didnt remember the circumstances under which we met, but now im certain he did remember my face. :-D
sorry for rambling, just thinking about this gets me so hyped up!!!!
oh, and if any of you wanna check out the story of me onstage, you can go here

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