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U2 therapy

I was just reading a newspaper article about a Brighton woman called Carina Barnett who fell into a coma due to meningitis shortly after giving birth in 2001. She woke up three weeks later and was convinced she was still 21 years old, when she was actually 39 - she had no memory of the past 18 years, didn't recognise any of her friends, found she hated the colour scheme of her own house, and couldn't even remember having the baby. Talk about traumatic... rather unsurprisingly she ended up splitting from her husband of 7 years. Anyway, the relevant paragraph is this one:

After Abdoulie left in December 2002, the first thing Carina did was redecorate. "It was incredibly therapeutic," she says. "I painted everything in tranquil shades of lilac and blue which made me feel very peaceful. It was a sign of a new start."
   She also listened to the U2 album All That You Can't Leave Behind, which helped her deal with her situation: "I played the album so much Iisha would say 'Not again, Mum!' when I put it on. I really identified with a lot of the songs."

I just thought that was cool... another example of U2's music touching people in amazing ways. :o)

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