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Video clip from Million Dollar Hotel

Since some users enjoyed the few pictures that I previously posted, I went ahead and captured the few seconds he's onscreen in a video clip. He being Bono, of course :-)
The file is located at http://www.webdice.net/mdh/mdh.avi. Feel free to right click->save as if you want. Its a little over 2megs in size, but I wanted to keep the picture large enough so it still looked good.
The codec I used was the Divx;-) codec. Available for (free) download at http://www.divx.com It's available for windows, mac, and linux. It provides decent quality with a smaller file size.
If anyone wants, I can also provide the Bono interviews from the making of-...Just let me know (also, if a different file format works better for most people, I can handle that too)
Oh yeah, I left out the sound, to save space (and its just the narrator anyways)
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