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i was listening to an early boot tonight for the first time.. a show from the ritz in new york in late 81. the book says theyre tired from recording all day and i believe it. its still amaing tho, of course. all the little mess ups.. man, im almost inclined to think exit is just about as good now as they were then. well, with their material! not that long tho, til we can play all our own and tour europe.. :-).. susaffa and i were talkin about that tonight.
listening to that got me all pumped. fuckin rejoice!!! god!! that song.. there is something so amazing and special about it.
i love the part when edge is tuning and bono says he could be talking but hes letting the audience listen to him tune up. hehehe :-)
tomorrow off to look at micheles bitchin clothes, to hike and take pics and junk. woo hoo! and rehearsal on sat. yeah baby, busy busy. shanes advice always. but im not gonna call.
this is my current favourite picture. classic edge: fixing a reel to reel - and ive a hunch hes in mount temple!! (clue=chair)
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