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Dr. Who

"Watch MORE MTV...2!"

Yeah, yeah! We all know how MTV really sucks but MTV2 has devoted a good slot of its programming to our band. I just finished watching MTV2's "U2 Video Timeslide" that was approximately 4hours long. However, the span of 4 hours was more like 2hrs. 45min. worth of actual videos. The rest were commercials and MTV2 Newsflashes. Videos that were played included almost all U2 music videos spanning from 1980-2001.

Again, almost everything from the "Best of 1980-1990" video compilation were shown. However, here are some video highlights from MTV2's Video Timslide program:

"A Celebration"--I thought this video would never see the light of day. I suppose MTV played it once in 1982 but never again as with all other video classic these days. Again this was a single originally released in 1982 but never appeared in an album. MTV2 finally decides to play it. If you own the Island Records Official "U2 Video Sampler 1987" Promotional Only VHS tape then you've seen this music video before because it appears as the first video in the compilation.

"Two Hearts Beat As One"--Another rare video finally aired. This can also be found on "U2 Video Sampler" VHS tape from 1987 as mentioned above. It was shot in France and directed by Meiert Avis. Peter Rowan(The 'Boy') can be seen in this video.

"Night and Day"--Very cool. I saw the original version that appeared in the "Red HOT + Blue"
VHS compilation in 1990. However, MTV2 decided to somehow air this version also known to many U2 fans as the rare "Razorblade Version". The original on the Red HOT * Blue tape along with the ABC-TV Special did not include the scene where Bono is shown cutting his thumbs with a razorblade. The Amerikans thought it was too much to handle I guess. However, the European audiences as well as Japanese TV were treated to this 'Razorblade Version' back in 1990.

"If God Will Send His Angels"--Version 1. This is the original version that doesn't include the snippets of Version 2, which contained scenes from the City Of Angels film.

"All Along the Watchtower"--Lovetown Tour Special from Sydney, Australia 1990.

"God Part II"--Lovetown Tour Special from Sydney, Australia 1990.

Ok, those were the highlights of the show based on my observations. MTV2 seems to have goofed-up the scheduling because they won't be showing the "MTV2 LIVE CONCERT U2" listing that they've posted on your local listings. Instead, Booker(MTV2 VJ) has announced that they will be airing an EXCLUSIVE U2 LIVE CONCERT on *FEBRUARY 2, 2002* on the eve of the band's superbowl appearance. Anyway, my hunch is that this concert was filmed from Madison Square Garden because that's what the original listings say. It was supposed to air starting today but I guess MTV2 is holding off until Superbowl Weekend. Stay tuned..
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