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From Interference:

Irish rocker BONO has vowed to make FRANZ FERDINAND's lives a misery for trying to steal U2's place as one of the world's biggest bands.

Bono is convinced the Scottish TAKE ME OUT foursome will become more popular than his band, but he refuses to let them take U2's place too easily.

He says, "Franz Ferdinand make me a bit nervous. They give me a bit of a twitch. The only people who have the confidence to praise people who came before them, are guys who are absolutely sure that they 're going to pass you by, and they should be confident.

"We're certainly not going to make it easy for them. Instead we're going to make their lives miserable for the next few years. How incredibly embarrassing is it going to be in five years time when we're still the best band in the world?"

Hahaha, that last part is precious!. Bono's awesome, but come on, how come he think Franz Ferdinand will be bigger than U2? U2 has a solid career, FF has just started theirs. :-|
Anyway, it makes me glad to hear U2's not giving up. :P They will continue to be the best band in the world for a long long time. :)

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