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Hola, hola!

I've been reading this community and liking U2 for a while, but I've never posted anything here, besides a comment on some long-ago post, explaining why I think "Vertigo" is about prison rape.

So... I'm introducing myself. Yo. I wuv U2. I enjoy their music, I admire their politics, and I'm impressed with the wonderful, meaningful, lyrics in all their songs, and the... passion that Bono sings with. U2 had better stay awesome with this new album, or I'll be sad. "Vertigo" is okay, but nothing special. Hopefully the rest of the album with at least be on par with that.

So... yes. And for the sake of trivia, I think my favorite song ever is "One." It rawks!


P.S. The local alternative/modern rock radio station, which generally just plays a lot of punk/emo crap, has been playing "Vertigo" a lot recently, and I found out today that it's at number one on their... whatever. Charts? So some damn punks are getting an education in good music.
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