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U2 101

My roommate recently asked me to make her a CD of my favorite U2 songs. Now, it's very difficult narrowing this down, so I'm asking for help from the people who are as... pre-occupied as I am. What should I put on it? She doesn't know much U2 apart from the singles off ATYCLB, so I thought rather than put all my favorites on it (which probably wouldn't fit anyway), I'd try for an 80-minute crash course in U2. I don't want all singles, though, which is making this more difficult than it should be. Thoughts? Anyone?

Also, I'm watching my Slane DVD and it's just hit me how young they were when they wrote 'Sunday Bloody Sunday.' Sheesh, they were almost... baby U2. I'm all mind-boggled. Not sure why that just occurred to me today, but... wow.

Anyway, any suggestions are very appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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