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You'll have to imagine this story..

Tonight, my friends and I attended a free concert at the Hard Rock Live, featuring Spitvalves, Supervillains, and Unsung Zeroes. Now I'm not sure if any of you guys are familiar with these bands, but the type of music is basically punk/ska. Anything you can thrash around to and hurt somebody and have a good time whilst doing it. Well, we squeeze to the front of the crowd, right up against the stage to wait for the first act.. on either side of the stage there's big spiffy monitors playing one of those random skate/stunt programs that've oddly become so popular lately (like Jackass or CKY2K) and random punk music was played low over the sound system.

It wasn't too bad, decent music so I was sort of groovin', bored, waiting for the show to start. Current song ends and another one begins.. I recognize it, but for the life of me I couldn't pinpoint what it was. I struggle for a little while, but everybody's talking too loud. But then suddenly, I hear Bono's voice and instantaneously, I know. It's All I Want Is You!! AHHH!

I was completely taken aback! Here! At a punk concert, with a packed building full of skaters and punks... as stereotypical as you can get, dyed spiky hair, low pants, old-style tennis shoes, chains, ripped clothes.. and I was hearing All I Want Is You!

I don't know if I can truly express how oddly pleasing that was.. but I was absolutely stunned. I sang all the words, I danced. I was enjoying it way too much to look around and see what others' reactions were to it.. but needless to say, I didn't care. Bono paid me a surprise visit tonight and I just can't stop thinking about it.. that made my day!
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