Jackson (kjackson) wrote in u2,

Has anyone else (besides me) considered going on a U2 semi-sabbatical until the new album comes out?

Bono has been pitching How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb as a "debut album" and, as the claim is such, I'm coinsidering holding off listening to any leaked clips of new material, limiting at least slightly how often I listen to the older material and then, come the 23rd, going absolutely ape-poop. (New phrase! Woowoo!)

I was inspired to do this, believe it or not, by Hootie. Ok, ok: Darius Rucker, singer of Hootie and the Blowfish -- on VH1's I Love 1987 program, he mentioned refusing to listen to WOWY and any other material that the radio stations would play from The Joshua Tree until he could buy a copy of his album that would be all his own, that he could play over and over and over... it just seems like a great idea, personally.

Of course, I've already both heard AND seen Vertigo, but my policy is limited to the album -- anything that's on the radio or on the Vertigo single is fair game, in my eyes.

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