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x-posted from a comment for u2whilehoney's post on the tour and cities in the east cost.

I live in Atlanta and I've been wanting to plan logistics and stuff for people coming from out of town forever. For all intensive purposes I will be here when they come through unless they decided to show up post August 2005 in which case I have no clue where I'll be; I'm law school bound but destination unknown at the moment. If they come through before hand I am going to plan out maps, directions, etc. for everyone. Where to park, where to go, and my number in case anyone gets lost. Most likely they'll be at Phillips Arena again in which case I can direct people to hotels and stuff near the show that won't cost them much etc. Call me a U2 Ambassador :) I go to school downtown just a few blocks from the arena so I know the train system pretty well and there's places to park easily for the train system so you can just ride it into downtown and walk to the show. Very efficient.

Previously there was a package offered by some tour group where you got GA tickets, a hotel room, and a party pass but the second round through in Atlanta they made everyone COME to the event to get their tickets which totally must've sucked. Luckily I got mine off ticketmaster quite nicely. Maybe I'll see another act of random U2 kindness again (comment if you want the full story on that one).

Anybody near by?
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