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I need you guys help

Im writing a paper for my writing class at school. I choose the topic of
"The healing abilities and Benifits that Music has on peoples well being"
I need help, i want everyones in put on how music effect your life, the "benifits" it brings to your life. your input is greatly appretated!
this is my opinion on how music effects my life just so you know where im coming from.

Music gives me a voice. It is a common bond that you can find to talk to anyone about. No matter the mood your in you have that certain song you need to hear, that album that can pull you through your day. When your feeling at your lowest you have the lyrics from your fav band(I know that sound corney but you all know im right). For example if im angry I listen to my favorite band Metallica, and after a short time im fine, it makes me happy to lose my self in the music. If im happy I'll listen to Bob Marley. If i want to sing out loud while driving in my car I'll listen to greenday or U2. two hours at a good concert lets you forget about life for a while and get lost in the music. Music is just such a big part of my life, I definatly belive that music heals,teaches,inspires,and gives us all a place to belong. "When I got the music, I got a place to go" Rancid
Theres so much more i could write but im tired and sick and trying to pull my paper together so any imput you guys would like to share with me would be so great. Thanks

Cheers- Karen
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