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Oh yeahhhh

Oh you know you're gonna love me for this one!!!

Oh, dear friends of dave-fm.

Were you listening at noon today? 929 dave fm, the home of
The U2 Global Launch Party, gives you All Access to U2:

If you are the BIGGEST U2 FAN IN THE cool
would it be to have a cocktail with Bono? How about picking
The Edge's brain on world politics? Want to talk to the band
about their very cool new Ipod? WHO WOULDN'T?!?!

Head to RIGHT NOW.Click on MEET U2.
THEN.wait for Barnes and Firfer to call you. When you get
that call, you will be asked to Dismantle the U2 Quiz Bomb.
Get the answer right, score their new CD "How to Dismantle
An Atomic Bomb".and you have a 1 in 5 shot at a trip to
New York City NEXT WEEKEND (Novmeber 20-22), where you will be escorted
to a top secret party with U2 to listen to the CD, and spend
quality time with the original band that ROCKS WITHOUT RULES, U2.


Listen all weekend, as countdown to the Global Launch Party begins with
new tracks from the brand new CD. Then, join us next Thursday from
7-9pm at Meehans Public House in Vinings, Brookhaven, and Alpharetta for the U2 Global Launch Party where you can win a limited edition U2 Ipod, and celebrate U2 with the entire staff of 929 dave fm.

If it has to do with is on 929 dave fm, rock without rules. cool is it to be a friend of dave?

Thanks for listening.

We really appreciate you being a friend of dave-fm!

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Suite 593
Atlanta, GA 30342

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