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Album extras have now listed what will appear on the bonus DVD...

1. "U2 and 3 Songs" documentary
2. Sometimes you Can't Make it On Your Own (Studio Performance) (Bonus Video)
3. Crumbs From Your Table (Bonus Video)
4. Vertigo (Temple Bar Mix) (Bonus Video)
5. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Acoustic Couch Mix) (Bonus Video)
6. Vertigo (HQ Performance) (Bonus Video)

Another temple bar mix I see, no doubt most probably mixed no where near Temple Bar!!! ;)

Will be interesting to see what's actually going to be in this 48 page booklet.

Copy count, how many copies are people planning on buying? Who's going to pay the extra for the "box set"? I don't think I can ever remember an album that's got so many versions. I plan on buying...

UK Box set - on pre-order
Normal edition for my CD rack
Vinyl - on pre-order
USA edition with bonus DVD if its any different to the UK version. I actually fly to the states on the 22nd! :)
Japanese version - again if any different

That's allot of money for 1 album.
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