Kim (kim_20_meh) wrote in u2,

Lately I've been watching my best of U2 videos--1980-1990 AND 1990-2000. I honestly love every single one of their videos, but does anyone agree with me when I say that a couple of their later videos (Even Better Than The Real Thing and Mysterious Ways) are a little TOO flashy and hypnotic? Again, I love these videos, but they REALLY hurt my eyes and even make me dizzy--even when I have the lights on. (Talk about "Vertigo" ha ha. Which, by the way, I still have yet to see the music video for. :() Watching their videos might be as harmful as playing video games for long periods of time. Maybe they should put a disclaimer on their VHS/DVD boxes--WARNING: Do not watch videos for extended periods of time, or you may fantasize about making love to Bono, which may lead to sadness and frustration because, let's face it, ladies, Bono is an unobtainable music god. Oh yeah, also beware of seizures. LOL

On another music video note, whenever I watch "Stay (Faraway, So Close)," I think it seems like the people in the video--especially the woman "singing" with the big schnoz--are U2 fans that won a contest to be in the video, simply because they're so average-looking. Contest or not, I think it's awesome that they included average joes in the video. I'm jealous of the woman because Bono looks so gorgeous when he's lip-synching the words near her face. If I was her, I would turn my head ever so slightly and gently press my lips against his...*sigh* lol
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