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For those of you who haven't found this gem of a clip, you must go listen to it now!

It's from the Into The Heart organized U2 fandom meeting thingy that happened the other day (*shrug*). Basically, it's two messages from Bono to this girl named Kim, one of the event's organizers (YES, she has his phone number, and he has hers!!). And it's oh-so-sexy. Droolworthy times 10 billion. Girls, gay guys, maybe even some of you straight guys...I'm warning you now that this clip is fatally sexy. ;)


Message 1
November 6/04
8:04pm EST

It’s Bono
I got a message to call you I think
You’ve got something on this evening
And I’ve just been asleep in bed
And I woke up and I thought
There’s something I meant to do today
And I think it was you
Into the heart
So um guess it must be too late
(yawns) oh boy
I’m talking in my sleep here
But what I will do is I’ll call tomorrow
I think it’s Saturday and Sunday everybody’s getting together
So maybe we can set up something for tomorrow
I’ll call around lunchtime tomorrow

Message 2
November 6/04
8:18pm EST

*In Macphisto character*
(sings) Into the heart of a child, I can stay a while
(MacPhisto drawl) Oh yes…oh yes
Bono can stay a while my ass
Hello boys
Hello girls
Macphisto here
Innocence has turned to experience
And you? Decadence?
Oh no, you wouldn’t know the meaning of the word
I, on the other hand know rather a lot about this subject
Which I do believe has something to do with the sweet aroma of spoiled opportunity
That’s where I am right now
And I’m just about to taste a bit

EDIT: The links should be working now. Sorry about that guys. :|
EDIT #2: I changed the link again so you should all be able to listen to it now. :)
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