you're brilliant when you try. (prettytheworld) wrote in u2,
you're brilliant when you try.

@U2 has a story about Propaganda, U2's fan club, and I thought you all might like to read about it. Here's the story:

"Some Propaganda subscribers have reported receiving notification in their mailbox (snail mail) today that the fan club is being converted or replaced by an online version that will cost $40/year for new members, or $20 (for the first year) for existing Propaganda members who have issues of the magazine remaining on their subscription.

The letter lists these benefits of joining the "members only" section:
* Priority ticketing for the 2005 tour
* special introductory gift
* a e-mail address (e.g.
* exclusive content features including on-the-road reports and diaries from next year's tour
* audio and video downloads
* access to a full and Propaganda story archive
* mobile phone content
* members-only message boards
* "regular newsletter"
* 25% discount on your first purchase at the U2 web store."

I don't know about you, but $40 seems awfully expensive for an online fan club... although an e-mail address would be pretty cool. What are your thoughts?
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