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I've been loving my U2 dvds lately - I have Elevation 2001 and 90-00 Best-of. Still waiting for some extra $ to show up in my pocket so I can upgrade my Rattle and Hum vhs to DVD. Not planning on getting "Go Home" since I feel that era is covered by the Boston 01 set.

What I'm wondering is.. does anyone know if they ever plan on releasing ZooTV Syndney and Popmart Mexico City on dvd? I wish they would- I have a particular soft-spot in my heart for ZooTV - the decadant and perverse U2 and I love most. I have these concerts on VHS, but I really don't find myself watching music on VHS anymore because the sound just doesn't stack up.

Part of me is afraid that if they were planning on having these on dvd, they would have have done it already. Probably less incentive, since they wouldn't likely sell as many copies as Rattle and Hum and the newer releases. Does anyone know?
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