just some girl (sumwonelss) wrote in u2,
just some girl


I could be wrong, but it seems like the majority of members here are under 21. Which makes me wonder........how'd all you guys FIRST get into U2?

I got in on the tail end of them being "cool".........my older friends all jumped on the bandwagon circa Joshua Tree........like the vast majority of U2 fans. Among people I actually know I'm the youngest U2 fan I know. I've always been refered to as "the baby". :)

My younger brother who is 23 is always telling me how "old" U2 is......our dad even listens to them!

So how does someone who was a toddler when JT came out come to like U2? How do you get into them, especially when the "cool" stuff is indie or emo or whatnot?

(This isnt' meant as an insult........I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the fact that so many different kinds of people like U2 as much as I do!)
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