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U2- 7

How are you guys liking the new U2 CD released to Target today? I just got mine, and I have to say that it is a nice mix of songs. Of course, they had to go and put the Elevation Influx Mix on there, it brings me right back to the Elevation Tour! You all know what I mean if you got to go to one of the concerts- that excitement that builds when you hear the Influx mix and the anticipation of waiting for u2 to begin walking to the stage. Ah, what an amazing time it has been!

Anyway, thoughts or comments about the CD? You love it? You hate it (yeah right!)? Are they selling out by only releasing it to Target Stores (kinda like the Best Buy single)? There has been a bit of hype about the whole selling out thing- especially since the boys are going to go to the Super bowl. But hey, I don't think they are- they should do as much as they can while they have the world's attention as THE Best Rock Band out there right now. That's just my own opinion, though. :)
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