needtospeak (needtospeak) wrote in u2,

Last night at Virgin Megastores London...

I went last night to get my goody bag and CD/DVD/Book set.

The goody bag (branded with the album cover) contained a t-shirt - black, with the front of the album on the front and U2 on the back. There was also a promotional poster that would have been used in record shops... It was the same on both sides - black, album cover, and underneath on one side it says Now in shops and on the other it says released 22 November.

I thought it was a disappointing turnout! The doors opened at 11pm and I got there at about 8:45 - and I was the 85th person through the door. The store filled up quite quickly though and they made lots of people wait outside - a few hundred - while the first of us through the door waited around watching the DVDs as the CD couldn't be sold till midnight. When I left at 12:15am the queue of about 300 was still outside waiting and there were stacks of goody bags left.

At least I know for next time - no need to be that early!!
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