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11:45 - Walk into Tower and find a long line by the cash registers.
11:50 - Overhear people in front of me wondering if the cash registers were broken, not realizing it was the line for new releases. People in front of them turn around and go, "Oh, this is the line for the new U2 album." That was such a beautiful line, for some reason.
12:03 - Get up to cash register, am told I have a choice between CD, CD/DVD, or CD/DVD/booklet. Cannot afford the last option, went for the CD/DVD. Am a tad disappointed with the DVD from reading the back, but not complaining as it was only a few dollars extra.
1:03 - Still haven't listened yet, but I am the happiest person in the world right now, even if they were in Times Square today, just 15 blocks away from me, and I missed them.
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