Steve (walrusoct9) wrote in u2,

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Okay, so I just bought my box set version of HTDAAB, and um...

The CD isn't in it. I'm totally serious. Or am i just retarded?

edit: Took it back to Tower at around 9:15. They were sold out. Coconuts or whatever that silly store is called was sold out. Went to Borders and got the last copy, that actually had the CD in it. Day saved.

(unfortunately, quiz in class missed. I think Bono should call my Music Theory professor and explain to him the situation so he'll let me make up the quiz)

I really hope no one else had a bunk copy like this...the limited editions seem to be selling out within an hour or two of the store opening. (so if you're on the west coast, don't waste any time)
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