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a little story on this fantastic day


I barely got a wink of sleep last night. All I could think about was racing down to Borders today to get The Album. Although Borders is traditionally more expensive, they open an hour earlier than the local Best Buy - at 9 AM.

I got up around 8 AM. Took a shower, my heart literally pounding the entire morning.

By 8:45, I was attempting to calmly drive the three miles to Borders. I didn't want to speed, because the road that leads me to Borders is always rife with cops just waiting to catch speeders. My speed faithfully remained at the legal limit of 40 mph, and I proceeded to piss off every single person behind me as I did so.

I got there early. I waited in my car a little bit before finally emerging, and watched another hapless would-be customer attempt to open the locked double-doors. A few more people gathered around, waiting and chatting with each other. I smirked to myself, assuming they were, like me, eager U2 fans just salivating in anticipation of what was behind those glass doors. Having left the warm interior of my vehicle, I opted to lean against it semi-casually - the battered silver six-year-old Honda Civic that my friends have affectionately dubbed the U2Mobile, of course. I shivered in the chilly morning air, with a giant smile on my face.

Finally, a Borders employee slowly ambled up to the doors and unlocked them after first unlocking the inner glass doors that lead into the store. The small crowd of people made their way inside, and I shyly made my way across the parking lot to the warm, coffee-scented interior of the store. Surprisingly, I was not greeted by a huge U2 display as soon as I walked in. Wanting to savor the moment, I went first to the magazine section and plucked the most recent marvelous issues of Blender, Q, and Uncut from the slots, feeling a fuzzy glow in my heart as I stared at the faces of our boys on the glossy covers. I clutched the magazines to my chest and slowly walked further into the store, keeping my eyes peeled for signs of the new album.

And then there it was. A small display featuring the day's new releases, with three version of the album - the "regular" 11-song edition, the "deluxe" edition with the DVD, and the Collector's Edition, with the book and the same DVD. I took one of each, smiling gleefully to myself, and looked down at the bundle in my arms proudly. I had it. It was almost mine. I went straight to the counter and shelled out nearly one-hundred dollars for these six treasures.

I went home.
Played the album.
and I have no words yet.
But holy shit. This was SO worth the wait.
This dorky fangirlish awe-inspired smile won't leave my face.

As Sting once sang, "I'm so happy that I can't stop crying."
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