P. A. Fallánd (happytogoblind) wrote in u2,
P. A. Fallánd

I was watching the DVD from the special deluxe edition and I was wondering about two things:

1. Is Adam wearing braces? lol Not that I care if he does so or not, but I never realised that and in the interviews of 'U2 and 3' it looks so.

2. When you go to the track-by-track selection and you go to the second song (Sometimes as studio version) and you go to the LEFT or the RIGHT (when you watch it on your pc, with the arrow keys) the red cross that marks the song you want to watch, disappears just as if this was an easter egg, but nothing happens and I can't figure it out. :-/ But maybe I'm jst paranoid and wish too much that there was an easter egg......
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