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original of the species

hey, guys. i think i might be in the brightest zen-like, rock-out state of my entire life. HTDAAB is some of the greatest music i've ever heard. hands-down, barnone, wayy better than joshua tree and definitely better than achtung baby. and possibly better than anything i've ever heard before.

i got the 2-disc cd/dvd set. on the dvd bono says, and i quote, "This is our first album. We've been around for 20-some years, but this is our first album. And Vertigo is our first single."

i'm inclined to agree. U2 has been evolving, and i think they are finally at the stage where they want to be. i'm not even halfway through the album, but i'm already in awe. these guys really are the savior of rock&roll right now. the song "city of blinding lights" has an edge guitar riff at the beginning that nearly brought tears to my eyes.
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