Ian (krptonian_sith) wrote in u2,

You Know You're a U2 fan When....

you know you are a U2 fan when...

You Know You're a U2 fan When....

You know who Paul Hewson is

You know who Dave Evans is

You know what feedback and the Hype is

You never get Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. mixed.

You know what lypton Village is

You know how many knicknames Bono has

You would camp out side of a store for a new U2 album

You wish you had cool nickname like the Edge's or Bono's

You own or want to own all of U2's albums

You have gone through a "trying to look like Bono" phase

You can tell the name of U2 song Immideatly after you hear the first chord.

You freak out when you hear some one say "you too"

You are FEMALE and you have wished you were Ali Hewson.

You are MALE and you wished you were Bono.

You know how many videos their are for "One"

You see a fly and think its a good sign

Lemons have a very special place in your heart.

You know which songs The edge has sung, and you can name them.

You get these U2 jokes and pass them onto your friends.

want this for your journal?

heres the link to my journal where I have the code. You need to close the tags.
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