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First lets get this straight I have been a big U2 fan since circa 1984 it was one of the fast "alternative" bands I got into and led me on to discover many more new wave type bands ...

Sadly this new album has been a disappointment so far ... I picked up my copy on Monday ...

I played it ... I sighed is that it ...

It just didn't do anything for me, very average by some standards I fear... nothing new or really dynamic about it .. I have heard bands do similar far better in the time between the two albums ...

It didn't help that I was totally bored by Vertigo before thee album arrived as the UK radio seemed to insist on playing it to death ... this happens to me a lot with lead singles by time I get the album I skip the single ...

I think for me this is an album that is going to have grow with me ... this week has been difficult with work and family issues to be sorted ... maybe I just wanted something more dynamic ... something different something 21st century ... something to lift me up ... maybe the associated hype about it has helped judge my thoughts ....

Gets ready to be shot down in flames .. but hell man you have to be honest to yourselt .. U2 have been part of the soundtrack of my life for over 20 years now from teenage school to adult ..

With or Without You, One and October are three of the most special songs in my life for various reasons
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