prophetic heretic (orpheus42) wrote in u2,
prophetic heretic

HTDAAB thoughts after listening to it for about 3 hours

Every song is solid, a few are outstanding. I don't think there are any tracks on the CD I will skip regularly, which is not the case with some albums (case in point: Wild Honey).

That being said, I also don't really think there is anything earth-shattering about this album. I was really excited when I heard Vertigo because I thought maybe U2 was going in a more edgy direction but the rest of the album does not fulfill this expectation. The song that comes closes, I'd say, is All Because of You. I'd rather listen to Joshua Tree because I think for the most part it says most of the same things this album tries to say but better (though I also give JT the edge because it has the Angry SongTM and HTDAAB does not seem to have such anger, and I'm a fan of angry songs).

The lyrical depth of the album, however, is INCREDIBLE, and Bono's voice sounds perhaps better than I've ever heard it on a recording (despite apparently a bit less attention to making sure his sung pitches are right on- personally, I like that bit of rawness). His tone is much fuller and I wonder if he's been working on his breathing or something. And there are no BAD songs on the album. The production is wonderful. City of Blinding Lights is probably my favorite song at this point, but that's apt to change as I keep listening to it and notice things I have not yet. Miracle Drug is a close second. I was disappointed with Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own after hearing the beauty and power of this song live. If it was as good on the album it would be my favorite and probably a contender for one of my tops of all time.

All this is just my opinion, of course.

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