corianderstem (corianderstem) wrote in u2,

All Because of You

Upon first listen to the album, I thought the first half was amazing, and the second half, while far from bad, wasn't as good. Now the only two weak tracks in my opinion are "Yahweh" and "One Step Closer." My love for the rest of the album grows with mighty leaps and bounds!


"All Because Of You" is a GREAT song ... almost. It's three notes shy of being a great song. You know what really bugs me about it? The chorus.

It starts off great: "all because of you!" Great! Yeah! I can sing along! What's next? The same words, repeated in a melodic line that sounds ... well, wrong. It doesn't go where I expect it to. Sometimes that's a good thing. But in this song, it sounds like Bono meant to do it one way, but instead totally missed the notes, and the second "aaaaalll because of you" sounds sloppy and frankly, horrid.

Seriously, I can't even sing along to the chorus because I feel like I have to be tone deaf to hit those bizarre notes.

But dang, it's so close to being a great song.
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