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The new Propaganda ID and this letter came in the mail today

Dear Propaganda subscribers,

It’s no secret that with the success of U2.Com over the past four years, Propaganda, the band’s official magazine, has appeared less and less frequently.

The net has become the best way to communicate quickly and directly with U2’s audience.

As a ground breaking band magazine, fore two decades Propaganda offered a unique inside-track on what U2 were up to – exclusive interviews, unseen photos, rare cd releases and, of course, the chance to guarantee purchase of concert tickets!

We have been working on creating that same experience online and this month u2.com is set to relaunch with a ‘Members Only’ area which will give subscribers access to an enormous range of exclusive U2 content.

When launched to the public, subscriptions to U2.com will be $40 p.a. but because you were a subscriber to Propaganda and may have part of your subscription unfulfilled, you may join U2.com for $20 for the next 12 months.

A subscription to this area via your personalized “u2.comIDcard” will bring you immediate online access to what the band are up to.

Of course U2.com will also continue to bring you up to date news of the band, as it does at present on a free subscription basis.

Best wishes and thanks, for your support of Propaganda down the years.

Propaganda and U2.com

Here’s what U2.com “members only” subscribers will receive:

· Priority ticketing for the 2005 tour available for purchase through U2.com.

· A special introductory gift.

· A U2.com email address (eg. steve@u2.com) with a web-based mail service like hotmail.

· Exclusive band stories, features and other online content, including on-the-road reports and diaries when the tour kicks off in the Spring.

· Full length audio and video streams and downloads of new U2 material as well as rare and unseen material from the past.

· Access to all archived U2.com news, including Propaganda features over 20 years.
· New mobile phone content, along with innovative applications like screen savers and digital tools.

· ‘Members Only’ message boards and discussion forums with the revamped Zootopia along with a regular newsletter email to keep you up to speed with the band and site.

· 25% discount on your first purchase from the U2 online store.

For additional information email: propaganda@u2.com
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