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"Hi, everybody!"

Whew, I only just finished catching up on all of November's posts. I had to avoid this place like the plague because I didn't want to hear *anything* about the new album before I bought the CD. :p  You people sure have been chatty lately.

Anyway, all the isolation was worth it because I *LOOOOOOOVE* the new album to death!!  It might even be my second favourite U2 album ever (and I briefly wondered if it might have toppled Achtung Baby, but I dunno about that). If anyone's at all interested in reading the review I posted in my journal last week, it is here. (But it's *really* long! Although the first three paragraphs are just blathering about my dreams and going to the shop.)

Nutshell version - I was rather disappointed with ATYCLB and I'm over the moon at how HTDAAB has turned out, because I was expecting the worst. I love every track, but my absolute favourite is Love And Peace Or Else, which has to be one of the best songs U2 have *ever* done. :D

Can't wait to see the band on Jonathan Ross this Friday...
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