AlreadyDead (psykoboy2) wrote in u2,

"When we were leaving...this character arrived called Christopher Nolan and...he couldn't move a muscle. Only his eyes were just so sharp and so awake. Turns out he was born without any oxygen for..uh..2 hours I think it was. But his mother so believed in him - that look in his eyes - she used to read to him...she taught him. And then they found this little...pill that allowed him to move his neck by about an inch. And then they put this thing to his head like a little unicorn and...they taught him how to type. Turns out he had all these poems in his head. His first poem was called 'I Learned To Bow'. Then he put a book out called 'Dam-burst Of Dreams' won all kinds of things..literary awards...and I guess he was sort of a genius. But I was thinking about the look in his eyes and the faith...that someone had in him that he was awake, that he was conscience. This is called 'Miracle Drug'."

- Bono
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