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A house still doesn’t make a home

I had to chase the UPS man down the street last night in order to get my package from him that had my copy of the deluxe edition of the new album in it.

I put it in my car as I was driving to go pick up friends for dinner. I had heard "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" when the guys were on SNL, and liked it then.

When the album track played, I had to pull over because I was crying so much I couldn't see. Out of nowhere, I just totally lost it.

Maybe it's because I know that Bono wrote this about his father, and I don't have anything resembling a functional relationship with mine. Or maybe it was something totally random about that particular moment last night. Regardless, it hit me like only a handful of songs have before.

So yeah. *thumbs up* :)
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