sunlight in her song (_serendipity) wrote in u2,
sunlight in her song

So I noticed some lyrics on HTDAAB that sounded kind of familiar...

I put together a little list to share with you all of some lyrics from the new album, along with lyrics from past songs that they share some of the same words with, or just echo in some way.

Anyone else notice these? Anyone notice any others??

Take these shoes/Click clacking down some dead end street/Take these shoes/And make them fit - Yahweh
----Take these boots they're going nowhere/You know these boots don't want to stray - Do You Feel Loved

Take this shirt/Polyester white trash made in nowhere /Take this shirt /And make it clean - Yahweh
----Take my shirt, go on, take it off me/You can tear it up if you can tie me down - Do You Feel Loved

Take these hands /Teach them what to carry/Take these hands/Don’t make a fist - Yahweh
----Take these hands, they're good for nothing/You know these hands never worked a day - Do You Feel Loved

But you’re like honey on my tongue - A Man and A Woman
----Like honey on her tongue - Hawkmoon 269
----I have kissed honey lips - I Still Haven't Found...

The more you know the less you feel - City of Blinding Lights
----The more you take, the less you feel/The less you know the more you believe - Last Night on Earth

But time won’t take the boy out of this man - City of Blinding Lights
----Time is a train, makes the future the past - Zoo Station
----She sees the man inside the child - Mysterious Ways
----I'm a man, I'm not a child - Kite
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