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U2 newbie

Hi everybody there!!
I don't know if people use to write an introducing post or something like that, but that way you can know a little bit about me.
My name's Laura and I'm from Spain. I'm 19 (my bday is on September 15th if anybody ever wants to send an e-card to me).
I've never been in a U2 concert :'(.
I prefer the 80's before the 90's.
My favourite albums are Boy, War and Joshua. Rattle is above every single album from the 90's. Except maybe Achtung. Zooropa sucks.
My fav song is Sunday, Bloody Sunday. I think it's the best song ever. I can't stand Lemon nor Numb. Grace bores me. From the 90's I'd pick up Acrobat and Hold Me.
I like U2 since I was 16 (about 2001). The first song I heard to was Still. The first album I listened to was The Best Of the 80's.
I don't like acronyms. It's not the same listening to ISHFWILF than listening to Still. There's no comparison!
The electric Guitar is the best instrument in the world. The Edge is God. Joshua is my religion.
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