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A New Member's Story:

U2: Live From Boston. Long before it was "Live From Boston", or even before a rumor about a DVD of a show from the 'elevation' tour, I was offered two tickets to the show. It was from a friend of mine. they were the worst seats in the entire place, and I recall exclaiming "yes!" cos i am obsessed with U2 and bono. *i was bono for halloween one year cos everyone said i reminded them of him* the next day, when i was supposed to meet her for the money/ticket exchange, she stood me up. and she didn't just stand me up; i never saw her again. so when i found out that the show i could have gone to was going to be the DVD, i was pissed. when i saw it on VH1, and the ads said "the show YOU COULDN'T GET TICKETS TO!" seemed to echo in my head. and when i actually got the DVD i was kicking myself even harder. Oh well. At least they played "Until The End of The World" on the DVD.
But oh, how the life goes on. Anyone want to be my buddy?
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