Epitome of Everything You Hate (ashley_sama) wrote in u2,
Epitome of Everything You Hate

Request: U2 Dublin DVD 1993-08-28

Hi, I'm seeking the Dublin dvd from 1993-08-28. I'd really like to have it by Monday because I want to give a copy of it to my U2 fanatic history teacher. :) I noticed he had a Zooropa wallpaper on his computer at school so I asked him if he was a fan. I gave him a copy of the Brooklyn dvd and he loved it and said he'd cry if I could get him the Dublin dvd from the zoo tv tour. Anyways, I've got cable so I could recieve it via aim or what have you. Unfortunately I lost all my bootlegs with the death of my harddrive, but I do have the Brooklyn DVD so I could trade that if you wanted me to. Or I could make you a layout and icons or whatever! I would be eternally grateful if I got this, thanks!!
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