Space Oddity (tiredofmymind) wrote in u2,
Space Oddity

Just thought this was a funny little quote;

The interview hadn't even begun..... and suddenly we all noticed something very peculiar: Bono - is - taking - all - his - clothes - off. The white shirt went first, then his black suede boots, his socks, trousers, and briefs (black with white trim, possibly Calvin Klein, probably Marks & Spencer). "That's better," he sighed blissfully. "Now ask me a serious question -- if you dare." Excuse me but why have you taken your clothes off, Bono? "For the same reason," interjected the Edge, answering on Bono's behalf, "that he's the lead singer. Because he's a rampant sex god with a huge ego."
"And a small willy," added Adam.

--Sean O'Hagan, Details, Sep. 1992

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