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Fanfiction Research Archive

As mentioned in posts made in another forum, I thought a U2 information sheet would be useful for anybody attempting to write fanfiction.

That idea has completely been blown up, thanks in most part to the pokey-poke-pokes of brunerhyme.

And so, we have encyclopaediau2, which will house the finished project.  I will let you know here every time a new factsheet has been added.

However, I need your help, all of you information people!  And so I have created u2shoebox - a place for all information you can find appertaining to the encyclopaedia, for everyone to post freely.  I want this to become a sort of scrapbook, from which we can then create the factsheets for each chapter.

You'll find a poll there to fill out if you want to become a beta reader, as well as information on how to post.

So come! Make free and make informative!
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