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Australian fans:

On the radio yesterday, for an hour, I heard an interview with all 4 of the band, and from what I could gather someone sent Andrew G (Australian Idol, Channel V) to Dublin to interview them. It was interview/songs/heavy promos for iTunes.

Anyone else hear it? I missed the start, and have taped the rest, I'm hoping they'll repeat it sometime.

It sounded very much like an Austereo network thing, so keep an ear out!


[only problem is -- I fear that in my haste to record it, I taped over my Powderfinger Live @ The Wireless.  >:(  Eek]

EDIT: Also, I caught the start of Video Hits this morning, and Annoying Host said something about a U2 profile, so I sat, remote in hand, for over 2 hours whilst they waded through the infinite miasma of crap that is Video Hits before a 2 min summary of U2's history, followed by 'Vertigo'. Oh, and DIDJA KNOW that The Fly concept was invented during the making of the Zooropa album? Hisssss

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